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The average family finds $20,000 of yearly cash flow they're losing control of unknowingly and unnecessarily.

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It's NOT how much money you make.

It's how much money you KEEP.

At Tier 1 Capital, we help you keep more of your money by identifying where you're giving up control. We believe you should be in the driver's seat when it comes to your money—not financial institutions or government—so we take a different approach.

In our free 30-minute strategy session, we'll help you see:

  • Where you're losing money

  • Where you're giving up control of your cash

  • How to improve your financial growth

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More Cash Now

More money in your pocket now is always better than money you might have later. We'll show you how.


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We help you make retirement savings decisions based on processes—not products—for better results.


Straight Talk

We work with clients we know we can help. If we can't help you improve your finances, we'll tell you.

“Tim is great at helping us understand how best to use what money we have, finance life while working, and simultaneously plan for retirement. How did you figure out this system?! Because I can't understand why everyone wouldn't do this.” - Mike and Liz B.